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Archive of Kostas Krystallis (Syrrako 1868- Arta 1894)

Poet and novelist of the New Athenian School Donation of Georgios Gagaris (Geroplatanos, Ioannina1869-Athens 1954) Journalist, Newspaper editor of “The Voice of Epirus” (15/09/1892-1918) and M.P. of Ioannina. Personal Archives.

Dates: 1852-1953

Archive size: 244 files

Content: correspondence, literary texts,periodical press, newspapers, photographic material, lithography, map.

“A few months prior to his death (1954), G.Gagaris carefully sorted out all the documents and the remnants of the KRYSTALLIS ARCHIVE that was diligently preserved for 60 years; he packed it up in two boxes and sent them, via Archbishop Spyridon, to the ZOSIMAIA LIBRARY OF IOANNINA, where they remain until the opening of the Library begins. From the catalogue of the submitted manuscripts, it seems that there are some of Krystallis’s works mentioned for the first time or having been considered lost.”

Namely the poems:

  1. Vlahavan’s head [To kefali tou Vlaxava]
  2. Avlakaris [O avlakaris]
  3. The old tower [O paliopirgos]
  4. The fir tree [O elatos]


  1. The nymphs(16 pages) [E nimfe]
  2. In the dungeos (33 pages) [Sta boudroumia]
  3. Lakka and Souli (71 pages) [Lakka ke Souli]
  4. The burning of Giannena (35 pages) [Kaikane ta Giannena]
  5. 91-page manuscript (“According to the source”) [Xirograrfon]


Mich.Peranthis “The Complete Works of Krystallis”, Athens 1959 (2nd publication)


“I received all those that belonged to the memorable poet Kostas Krystallis upon the edict of his father, Dimitrios Krystallis.

I preserved all that I bequeath today to the Municipality of Ioannina, among which there are works of my own. (Foni tis

Ipeirou/Voice of Epirus, Dodonis 1896 and 1899, On National Claims 1947, Manuscripts of the North Epirus cause etc.).

All those will constitute a special part of the Library of the Zosimaia School under the inscription Collection


Athens, 10 March 1953