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“The position of woman in the works of Chistovasilis (1855-1937)” International Women’s Day 2018

In the context of the celebration of the International Women’s Day, Zosimaia Public Central Historical Library of Ioannina hosted the Soroptimist Group of Ioannina “Dioni” for an interesting retrospection concerning the “Position of Woman in the works of Christos Chistovasilis (1855-1937)”.

Mrs. Drosia Katsila, central speaker of the event and Christovasilis’s granddaughter, transferred the audience back in time, at an age prior to the liberation of Epirus and shortly after that, with selected texts of the Epirotan intellect of Christos Christovasilis that effortlessly and experientially describe the position of women in the past.

Texts of the past were narrated by Mrs. Eleni Zouki, from the Association of [Palaion Giannioton] (Old Ioannina inhabitants). The message of the day was presented by Mrs. Allegra Matsa, President of the Soroptimist Group of Ioannina. Mrs. Vaia Oikonomidou, Director of Zosimaia, made a presentation on Christos Christovasilis, deriving from Souli, the texts of whom fascinate, as well as on his archive, which is treasured in Zosimaia Public Central Historical Library of Ioannina.

The event closed with music dedicated to women by Christos Bakiras.